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Professional Excellence & Community Service

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The Ghanaian Doctors & Dentists Association (UK) is in it's 14th year and growing stronger year by year. We have built ourselves on a foundation of truth and equality. Our aim is to unite Ghanaian healthcare professionals in the UK in one association. Join us for our annual health conference this year where we will be discussing inequalities in maternal health, mental health and dental health.


The Ghanaian Doctors and Dentists Association UK (GDDA-UK) is a charitable organisation formed on 11th February 2006. It is for all doctors and dentists of Ghanaian origin, ancestry or affiliation who are resident in the UK. It is essentially an organisation, which aims to speak with one voice for all its members in various aspects of their lives and careers in the UK as well as their contribution to Ghana in the Health sector.



Follow us @GDDA_UK, #Doctors&Dentists

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