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Why Join the GDDA?


1. Ministry of Health Ghana


The ministry now recognises the amount of Talent residing abroad and appreciates the contribution that Ghanaian Doctors and Dentists abroad can make in the Health Delivery Systems in Ghana. ( This affects our friends and relatives and ourselves when we visit Ghana)




The Ghana Medical and Dental council has agreed to work with the GDDA and the US equivalent to make it easier (whilst maintaining the right checks) for Ghanaian Health Care Professionals to gain registration to enable Practitioners abroad who want to help or indeed return to Ghana ( A recent meeting held in London between GDDA Executives and GMDC was very fruitful. Streamline methods of registration will be published in the d/d brochure and be made available as soon as it is sent from Ghana.


3. Networking 


We have a great talent of Consultants in all specialities , Senior Dentists , GPs, Pharmaceutical Practitioners , GPSIs, Audiologists, GP trainers, College Tutors, Clinical Directors, Appraisers, Doctors involved in Research projects and publishing articles, Doctors and Dentists doing Voluntary work etc We aim to get a good Database of these great talents and tap into this when colleagues need help with career pathways, revalidation difficulties, getting involved in Voluntary work in Ghana( Yi bi ma)


4. Sending Medical and Dental Equipment to Ghana


The GDDA has formal recognition at the Ghana High Commission and they agreed to facilitate the transfer of Medical and Dental equipment to Established Health Care Facilities in Towns and Villages in Ghana.


5. The organisation are already supporting some Health Care Projects in Ghana


( little impact sofar due to lack of fund raising activities) Members can bring to light projects that are close to their hearts for discussion and formal support.( we can do this if our numbers are right with adequate support and commitment for Fund raising activities through the organisation )


6. Welfare


 To provide confidential support for colleagues in times of work related crises (tapping into the vast expertise and experience of colleagues). To rally around in times of need and to rejoice together in good times.


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