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Our Executives

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Dr William Kedjanyi

Robert Cann - President

Dr Kevin Dapaah
Communications Officer

Sefaakor Ahiaku - Commuications Officer

Dr Theresa Oduro
Welfare Officer

Robert Cann - President

Dr Sefaakor Ahiaku

Dr Pamela Abban Ohene-Djan

Sefaakor Ahiaku - Commuications Officer
Sefaakor Ahiaku - Commuications Officer

Dr Nana Achaempong

Dr Adwoa Danso
Recruitment Officer

Sefaakor Ahiaku - Commuications Officer

Dr Anthony Annan
Charity Trustee

Dr Naa Barnor
Vice Treasurer / Trustee

Sefaakor Ahiaku - Commuications Officer

Dr Kofi Adu
Charity Trustee

Past Executives


Dr William Kedjanyi:                             President (2011-2016)

Dr Christopher Vondee:                        Secretary (2011-2016)

Dr Anthony Annan:                                President (2006-2009)

Prof Sam Debrah:                                  President (2009-2011)

Dr Hopeson Alifoe:                                 Vice-President (2006-2007)

Dr Conrad Buckle:                                  Vice President (2007-2010)

Dr William Kedjanyi:                               Secretary (2006-2011)

Dr Phillip Hagan (RIP):                            First Vice-Secretary (2006-2007)

Dr (Mrs) Pamela Abban Ohene-Djan:   Second Vice-Secretary (2006-2007)

Dr Kofi Affram:                                        Vice-Secretary (2014-2015)

Dr Stephen Addai:                                   Treasurer (2006-2007)

Dr (Mrs) Naa Adjeley Barnor Ahiaku:    Treasurer (2007-2009)

Dr (Mrs) Isabella Snowden:                    Vice-Treasurer (2006-2007)

Dr (Mrs) Pamela Abban Ohene-Djan:    Vice-Treasurer (2009-2011)

Dr Larry Asare-Owusu (RIP):                 Webmaster/IT Consultant (2006-2011)

Dr Kofi Amu-Darko:                                Legal and Ethics Specialist (2006-2011)

Past Committees


Events and Organisation Committee 2006-2007

Prof. Sam Debrah-Leader

Dr William Kedjanyi-Assistant Leader

Dr Ernest Ahiaku

Dr (Mrs) Naa Adjeley Barnor Ahiaku

Dr (Mrs) Isabella Snowden

Education Committee 2006-2007

Dr Conrad Buckle-Leader

Dr Dennis Danso-Assistant Leader

Dr Phillip Hagan (RIP)

Dr Senyo Tagboto

Dr E K Labram

Dr Paul Amuna

Dr John Slippe-Quartey

Dr Pamela Abban Ohene-Djan

Electoral Committee 2006-2007

Dr Fiifi Amu-Darku- Leader

Mrs Elizabeth Kensah-Assistant Leader

Dr William Kedjanyi

Dr Selormey

Rev Dr Buckman

Fund Raising and Publicity Committee 2006-2007

Dr Ernest Ahiaku-Co Leader

Dr Kwadwo Koram-Co- Leader

Dr Steve Addai

Dr Robert Cann

Dr Naa Adjeley Barnor Ahiaku

Mr. Kwamena Amonoo-Kuofi

Welfare and Support Committee 2006-2007

Dr (Mrs) Abigail Akita-Addo: Leader

Dr Hopeson Alifoe-Assistant Leader

Dr Larry Asare-Owusu

Dr Robert Cann