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As the pandemic ploughs on with Ghana in its second wave and facing increased hospital admissions and fatalities, we are again looking to support our colleagues in the fight against Covid-19 back home. Demand for PPE has risen once again, therefore this appeal is to provide PPE relief packs for frontline healthcare workers. 

Following the successful appeal in May 2020, we provided PPE to o Lekma Hospital, Accra and Yendi Municipal Hospital, Norther region, we have decided to continue to provide support. Some of the funds raised will go towards educational videos about vaccinations which will be circulated in Ghana, the rest will be used to purchase relief packs as detailed below. These will go to different institutions than where we initially donated.  

Each personal ‘Covid Relief Package’ will contain items for an individual health workers in a Hospital or Health Unit to supplement what their unit already has. The average cost of the GDDA-UK branded bag of PPE items is 382 GHC which compares favourably with that supplied to ITU units in Ghana by another group of health professionals to Ghana recently.

Will you support our campaign?

Each Covid relief pack will contain the following:

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