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Listening to baby's lungs

Our Story

GDDA-UK became a registered charity in 2010 in the UK and Wales, but the desire to give back goes right back to our inception as an organisation. With many of our founding members having trained in Ghanaian Universities, and having subsequently worked in the districts, we have seen first hand how much work there is to do to make health care accessible and of an acceptable standard right across our nation.


We won't stop raising the profile of health, and we are committed to making a difference in whichever way we can by engaging with policy-makers, stake-holders and donating to specific charity projects which we think will make a big difference. 

To find out more about the projects we have worked with, check out our blog.




The Obstetric

Fistula Fund 



The Obstetric Fistula fund works to restore the dignity of hundreds of women every year in Ghana who suffer from this totally treatable and preventable condition.


Obstetric fistula occur all over the world, and especially in communities with limited facilities for intervention during obstructed labour. Living in remote areas with limited facilities and poor education can lead to adverse outcomes for mother and baby. 

The recognition of the effects of the physical the mental  and social well-being and economic impact on mothers who develop fistula has been neglected by governments. The fund gives these women a lifeline. 


If you are poor, living in Ghana and suffer with an endocrine disease such as diabetes, getting the medication you need and having access to basic care to manage your disease may be incredibly hard. 

In 2015-2017, GDDA-UK partnered with Dr Ameyaw to provide funding and testing strips to patients in rural Ghana. 



Diabetic Paediatric Project


Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit




Training Hours


Seminars and Educational Interventions


Female Speaker

Hours + Skills




March 2016: Erectile dysfunction educational program held on ABN TV

May 2016: Hypertension and Exercise Prescription GDDA-UK seminar charity Education program held at the Likewise Christian Ministries’ International Church, Romford, UK

June 2016:  Sudden death in athletes’ inquest educational discussion held on GTV Sports channel in Ghana.


In March of 2016, we published health information leaflets on common medical conditions like Hypertension, Sickle Cell and Diabetes affecting the Ghanaian community in the UK. They became available for free at the Ghana Embassy premises and also Online.


Health Information Leaflet



Holding a Book




The Paediatric Programme


Baby Boy





Diabetes medical items and equipment were sent to Ghana by GDDA-UK for the Kumasi based Paediatric diabetes network foundation charity in



12 GDDA-UK members spent to weeks in Ghana in the August of 2008. During their trip, the visited various teaching and district hospital across Ghana, providing support and training to their colleagues. 


The Health









Providing Excellent Resources





In 2007, GDDA-UK donated the following to teaching institutions in Ghana:


1. 500 Oxford textbooks of Medicine and Accident & Emergency to the medical schools & Teaching Hospitals in Ghana including the libraries in the various district hospitals (July 2007).

2. Large quantity of recent prints of British Medical Journals and 10 reference copies of Prof. E Parry’s text book on Tropical Medicine to the medical libraries in the Teaching and district hospitals and Ministry of Health (MOH) Ghana (July 2007).


3. The publication of health information leaflets

on common medical conditions like Hypertension, Sickle Cell and Diabetes affecting the Ghanaian community in the UK which are available for free at the Ghana Embassy premises and also Online.

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