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CrossFit National Champion!

Our very own Dr Edem Ahiaku represented Ghana at the CrossFit games this you in Madison, USA.

CrossFit is a global fitness brand aimed at providing whole body workouts in a community environment. Those athletes who compete at the games represent those athletes at the cutting edge of the sport in their respective countries.

About the games, Edem said...

"It’s difficult to put the experience into words. Walking onto the field of play with the Ghana flag aloft was a spine tingling moment, one that I will never forget. Being able to compete at The Games was an unbelievably challenging and humbling experience. Performing under the Ghanaian flag made it feel extra special"

Edem is currently a registrar in Leeds in radiology. He hopes in time to become an interventional radiologists and looks forward to the challenge of defending his title as Ghana's National Champion next year! During the games he came 117/143 and jumped 25 places from where he qualified.

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